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You have a purpose in life. Isn't it time you start living it? Creative Soul Coaching is about helping you reconnect to your happiness. Happy people who are connected to their purpose don't have time to be depressed. They don't surround themselves with people who bring them down or hold them back. Happy people who live their purpose make better decisions that elevate their life.

My name is Dan Mason. I walked away from a six-figure, corporate career where I was successful, but not fulfilled. It's the bravest and most rewarding thing i've ever done. On my journey, I learned the tools and techniques to find clarity about my life's mission, the uncover what was holding me back, and to overcome fear. Now I share these same tools with clients to help them live a life of freedom, confidence, fulfillment, and joy.

You Are Enough. Here's How I Know.


You Are Enough. Here's How I Know.

dan masden

I just wanted to take a moment today to celebrate YOU.

The fact of the matter is, you probably don't take enough time to do it on your own. If you are like other ambitious, high performers I know, you spend a lot of time focused on what you think is lacking in your life.  

It's an easy trap to fall into. Each of us has a million stories about why we aren't whole. We look for some outside validation, material possession, or person to make us feel complete. We are forever chasing the next carrot that feels just out of reach.

I'm here today to let you know you are already enough. You are creative, powerful, and beautiful just as you are. This isn't some touchy-feely, new age nonsense. It's all fact. Here is what science tells me about you:

Your heart beats 100,000 times every day. It pumps blood at a rate of 2500 miles per hour. Each day, your heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles.

So tell me one more time why you think you aren't powerful?

Your body produces 25 million new cells every second. Each cell does 6 trillion things per second. This is how you breathe, digest food, kill germs, and talk all at the same time.

Why then do you focus on your perceived limitations?

You are made up of 7 octillion atoms. For perspective, there are "only" 300 billion stars in the galaxy. If you uncoiled all of the DNA from each cell of your body, it would stretch 10 billion miles, from the Earth to Pluto and back again.

Why then do you feel so small?

Your bones are as strong as granite. A block of your bones the size of a matchbox could support 9 tons of weight.

Why do you tell yourself you are weak?

If your brain were a computer, it could perform 38 thousand trillion operations per second. The world's most powerful supercomputer can manage only .002% of that. 

Why do you believe you can't find a solution to your challenges?

Inside your body, there is 0.2 milligrams of gold, most of which is in your blood.

Why do you not know your inherent value?

Your body is bioluminescent and glows in the dark. You can't tell because the light you emit does not fall within the spectrum of what human eyes can see.

So why have you convinced yourself you can't shine?

In 30 minutes, your body gives off enough heat to bring a gallon of water to a boil.

Why do you tell yourself you've lost your fire?

Your brain's connected neurons look similar to the structure of the universe. The atoms which make up your body today are the same atoms that formed during the big bang 13.7 billion years ago.

Why do you tell yourself the Universe is against you? Can you not see you ARE the Universe?

How about you and I make a pact today? What if for the next 24 hours, you could take a deep breath and allow yourself to BE rather than continue to chase? What if you jumped off of the hamster wheel and just accepted this moment as it is? What if you could love yourself for all you are?

When you accept you are enough, stress is replaced with lasting fulfillment. You stop trying to prove yourself. You show up in the world ready to give rather than GET. As a result, you'll attract people in your life who are committed to giving back to you instead of of sapping your energy.

This one decision can take you from a place of emptiness to a place of happiness, fullness, and gratitude.

Loving and supporting you from here!


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