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You have a purpose in life. Isn't it time you start living it? Creative Soul Coaching is about helping you reconnect to your happiness. Happy people who are connected to their purpose don't have time to be depressed. They don't surround themselves with people who bring them down or hold them back. Happy people who live their purpose make better decisions that elevate their life.

My name is Dan Mason. I walked away from a six-figure, corporate career where I was successful, but not fulfilled. It's the bravest and most rewarding thing i've ever done. On my journey, I learned the tools and techniques to find clarity about my life's mission, the uncover what was holding me back, and to overcome fear. Now I share these same tools with clients to help them live a life of freedom, confidence, fulfillment, and joy.

Why Are You Waiting to be Happy?


Why Are You Waiting to be Happy?

dan masden

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about your highest vision for your life and saying "If I just had _______________, then I would feel _____________?"

If just had more money, I would feel happy.

If I just had a relationship, I would feel loveable.

If I just had more "stuff," I would feel abundant.

Inevitably, you reach your goal, feel great for a few weeks until the "fairy dust" wears off, and then you are looking for the next big thing to crack the Da Vinci Code and feel joy.

But what if the endless chase of material things were a distraction from learning a deeper truth? 

This is what I know to be true. You and I have the ability to choose how we want to feel in each and every moment, regardless of our life circumstances. Outsourcing our happiness, fulfillment, and self-love to people and objects outside of ourselves takes away our power to design the life we seek.

The Universe smacked me across the face with this lesson is a huge way this week.

On my vision board, I have a dream to one day own my dream zen home on the water in La Jolla, California.

Why? First of all, La Jolla is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. But as is the case with any goal we set, we aren't chasing the goal for the sake of achievement. There are specific emotions we want to FEEL when we win the prize.

For me, the idea of falling asleep with the windows open at night as I listen to the waves of the ocean would give me a profound sense of peace.

Also, working from home and being able to coach my clients as I look out at the ocean would inspire a daily sense of awe and beauty.

Ultimately, achieving this dream would provide me with a greater sense of security. There is the the security of coming home to something that is "mine" after spending days on the road travelling for speaking engagements. However, as I dig deeper, I understand purchasing real estate in that area would mean I've built my business to the point of having financial security, which would also free up more mental energy to find even bigger ways to serve the world.

I've really held this vision in my meditations for a few months until a higher wisdom within me pointed out a huge flaw in my logic. Why would I wait until I buy my dream home to feel more peace, awe, security, and freedom? Why not just feel them right now?

After all, I live 15 minutes from the beach in St. Petersburg, Florida. I could put myself in that same energy without needing to book more speaking engagements or buying expensive California real estate.

With this realization, I took my chair and umbrella to the beach yesterday and spent the afternoon preparing notes for an upcoming keynote speech I'm presenting as I looked out at the ocean.

There was water for as far as I could see. I felt in awe of the beauty in front of me.

Being in that environment gave me a profound sense of peace.

Then I noticed a deep feeling of security through knowing I could create all of these emotions I wanted to feel NOW, rather than waiting for another next ambitious goal to push me over the finish line and make me feel like I'm enough.

As I came to this realization, my phone buzzed.

It was an email from a potential new client, who had just found an old Huffington Post article I had written over year ago on a Google search. Awesome!

I went back to working on my speech, now adding gratitude to my peace, awe, and security. 20 minutes later, my phone buzzed again.

It was a different person in a different location requesting to schedule a call with me.... because they found the exact same HuffPost article from a year ago. 

I doubled down on the gratitude and went back to work, An hour later, the phone buzzed again.

A third email... Different person in a different location. They asked to schedule a call because they found the exact same random article from a year ago.

2 hours later, a fourth email came in about an entirely new business opportunity....


It's one of the hardest mindset shifts to make on our personal growth path, but it's also the most worthwhile. We can't operate under the "Have, Do, Be" model.

When I have (fill in the blank-- more money, the right relationship, some material possession), then I will do what I want, and then I will be (insert emotion you want to generate here).

The REAL Law of Attraction happens when we operate under a "Be, Do, Have" model. When you allow yourself to live in the energy of already having the things you want, you can attract them more quickly.

Now over to you!

  1. What is the big dream you want to manifest in your life?
  2. What EMOTION would having this thing bring into your life?  
  3. What can you do TODAY in order to create that emotion?

Comment and let me know. I will personally respond to offer my support and encouragement!